This is part of the wowie 2.0 game jam. The theme is intentional bug. There is an an intentional bug with the jumping and you have to abuse the save and load power to beat the later levels. Made with inkscape and unity. Please give


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GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity


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You created a great puzzle platformer with progressing difficulty.
The puzzles never feelt to hard, but could be quite tricky.

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Web version doesn't start for me for some reason... Would have liked to play it, but I don't see an option to download.

k. I might build a windows version this week

Now the web version works... strange. But now I can play it. :)

Good idea. :)
A very simple mechanic well used in a good level design.
Some level with distinct puzzles (which is good) almost have the same layout. It might be a good idea too make more different layouts.
Good job!

Cool game, nice simplistic graphics and particle effects, along with a great music choice!

Your game got one of the highest ratings. I finished your game and impressed by your Idea and creativity.

Really fun, and the concept of using the checkpoints in brilliant

Very fun

This game was extremely entertaining and i will look forward to seeing more games from you in the future!

Really fun. Especially the last level was really tricky, as it should be.

Love the game, love the music, great job.

Also, I wouldn't use the [ and ] keys if I were you. Those keys are kind of special and depending on the keyboard they could be anywhere. Like for my Nordic keyboard my [] keys are on the 8 and 9 keys, they didn't work so I had to just try keys until I found the ones that worked ( nordic keyboards for this game is ´ and å keys). So maybe take like Mouse0 and Mouse1 instead? 

Just an idea! Great feel in your game!

I will take your advice and I'm updating it right now.

Very intresting.

Great! I love the feel of this game, very calm. Oh, and I found the bug, could probably be fixed with some minor tweaks depending on your code.

The game could maybe make use of a pause screen. Not the most important thing but if I'm allowed to nitpick.

Overall a solid game!

Thx for the feedabck

Very cool!

I love the art style and how you implemented bugs as a core mechanic! The only thing I have to say is that the background is a little bland and boring to look at and a few details could make the game look and feel so much better (I know you only had a few days to work on it so I understand). Other than that, great job and I hope you decide to add more to this game in the future!


Thanks. i will update it later maybe.